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Interview Dos and Don’ts

Interview Dos and Don’ts

Interviews Dos and Don'ts

With a competitive job market, landing an interview is a very big deal. However, getting an interview is no guarantee of a job. Most companies will interview multiple people for the same position, which decreases your chances of turning an interview into a job offer. Therefore, it is critical to make sure your interview goes as well as possible. If you want to have a successful interview that ends your job search, remember the following tips.


Make a Good First Impression

It may not seem politically correct, but superficial details make a difference. Always wear business appropriate clothing such as tailored suits. These outfits should be well coordinated and modestly accented. Also pay attention to your hair, teeth and nails. Women should choose work appropriate makeup. It is worthwhile to check your breath, freshening it with a breath mint if necessary. While you need to be well bathed, be wary of using too much perfume, cologne or other scents. Beyond the way you look, you need to be mindful of the way you act before the interview even starts. Be sure to arrive early, and greet the receptionist. It is a good idea to know the name of your interviewer, and always use a firm handshake and make plenty of eye contact.


Market Yourself

Essentially, a job interview is your chance to sell yourself to the company. It is your job to convince them that you are the right person for the position. To do this, you need to be thoroughly prepared to talk about yourself. Before arriving at the interview, think carefully about your greatest strengths and on-the-job attributes. You should always have a good example ready, citing your previous experience, education and expertise. Never bring up any of your weaknesses, and always frame your answers in a positive fashion. To that end, never answer a question with a single word. No matter what the question may be, your answer gives you the chance to fully elaborate, bringing up as many of your assets as possible. That said, be sure not to repeat yourself too much and avoid overselling yourself. You want to bring up your best work, but you should never stretch the truth or embellish the details. Stick to the truth about what makes you the best candidate for the job.


Cater to the Company

An interview should be about you, but it also has to be about the company. More specifically, it has to be about how you will fit into the company. Therefore, always do your research. Know about the company culture before you arrive, and take the time to know the company goals if possible. Then be sure to reference how you can be a part of that culture to reach those goals. You should bring up specific examples in your answers, and you should be fully adept at talking about the company, as if you are already a part of it. Also come prepared with questions about the company and the work environment. If you do not have anything to ask the interviewer, it will make you look uninterested in the position. However, do not ask about pay or benefits.


Make a Lasting Impression

When the interview is over, it is tempting to think it is all out of your hands. However, it is possible to make a positive last impression even after you leave. Always leave business cards with every interviewer in the room. In fact, it can be helpful to come equipped with extra resumes and work portfolios, which can also be left in the hands of the interview team. Then be sure to write personalized thank-you notes to everyone who took part in the interview within one day. This will make you appear committed and capable of good follow through, both of which can only work in your favor. Just remember, there may be other candidates interviewing for the position after you, so it is essential to make sure you leave a lasting and continued impression in order to improve your chances.


Get Professional Help

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